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20 Oct
167.535V. UNICI

Niste statusuri in engleza despre:indiferenta, dragoste si prietenie cu traducerebig grin

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    Uite aici de dragoste:You're the tear that falls of my face and brakes in my're love.

    The distance makes us be far away but makes our hearts be closer...I stay alone,I hear my heart beating, all disupears with the sadness in your soul

    A tear I have gived away for you, the tear falled slowly and it changed to a love dream

    Every day withouth like the world without the sun

    If I will tell you I like you, it would be a lie.I love you with all my spirit

    My life is yours...The love I carry for you is more powerfull than anything and you.You are the princess/prince of my dreamsLove is like the falls easy, it makes you freeze and then it dissupears

    I love you.I love you...I love you...This withouth any other words

    Love is an element of nature full of imagination

    I don't imagine a night without day.I really can't imagine me withouth you.
    Prietenie:1. Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you lose (intodeauna imita comportamentul invingatorilor atunci cand pierzi)
    2. A smile doesn’t cost anything (un zambet nu costa nimic)
    3. A friend in need it’s a frienf indeed (prietenul la nevoie se cunoaste)
    4. A faithful friend is hard to find; remember man and keep in mind (un prieten adevarat este greu de gasit; sa tii minte asta)
    5. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (o pasare in mana face mai mult decat doua pasari din tufis)
    6. A bad workman always blames his tools (un muncitor prost da intotdeauna vina pe unelte)
    7. To be or not to be, this is the question (a fi sau a nu fi, aceasta este intrebarea)
    8. He who laughs last, laughs best! But he who laughs first, sees the point (cel care rade la urma, rade mai bine! Dar cel care rade primul, intelege poanta)
    9. Don’t be sad, don’t be blue.Frankenstein was ugly too (nu fi trist, nu fi suparat, si Frankentein era urat)
    10. We have to look for the facts, not words