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19 Oct
175.077V. UNICI

Care sunt toate melodiile lui Selena Gomez, Smiley si Justin Bieber

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    Selena Gomez:

    A Year Without Rain
    As a Blonde
    Bang a Drum
    Bang Bang Bang
    Brain Zapped
    Cruella de Vil
    Dices (Spanish version of "Who Says")
    Everything Is Not What It Seems
    Falling Down
    Fly to Your Heart
    Ghost of You
    Hit the Lights
    I Don't Miss You at All
    I Got U
    I Promise You
    I Won't Apologize
    Intuition (featuring Eric Bellinger)
    Kiss & Tell
    Live Like There's No Tomorrow
    Love You Like a Love Song
    Middle of Nowhere
    My Dilemma
    New Classic (Live) (featuring Drew Seeley)
    Off the Chain
    One and the Same (with Demi Lovato)
    Rock God
    Round & Round
    Send It On (with Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus)
    Shake It Up
    Sick of You
    Stop & Erase
    Summer's Not Hot
    Tell Me Something I Don't Know
    That's More Like It
    The Way I Loved You
    Trust in Me (From Disney's The Jungle Book)
    We Own the Night (featuring Pixie Lott)
    When the Sun Goes Down
    Who Says
    Whoa Oh! (with Forever The Sickest Kids)
    Winter Wonder Land
    Selena Gomez & The Scene - Hit The Lights
    Justin Bieber:
    Smiley - Am Bani De Dat,
    Adriela si Smiley - Musical
    Smiley - Cu un pas inainte
    Smiley - Designed to love you
    Smiley - Preocupat cu gura ta
    Smiley - Designed to love you
    Smiley - Plec pe Marte (Feat Cheloo)
    Smiley - One women
    Smiley- Ploua
    Smiley- Minora
    Smiley-Hooky song
    Smiley-Dream girl
    Smiley - De-ai Fi Un Cantec Feat Marius Moga
    Smiley - Simt Ca Mor
    Smiley-In lipsa mea
    Smiley- o secunda
    Smiley- Hello
    Smiley- Love is for free
    Smiley -Going home
    Smiley- Be free
    Smiley- Trouble
    Smiley- Cuvinte
    Smiley- Pe unde-ti umbla inima
    Smiley- Dance for money
    Smiley- De-ar fi un cantec

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    Smiley feat Uzzi - In lipsa mea
    Smiley feat Adi - Cuvinte
    Smiley feat Marius Moga - De-ai fi un cantec
    Smiley feat C.r.b.l. - So cold
    Smiley - Simt ca mor
    Smiley - Simt ca mor (fara tine)
    Smiley - Pe unde-ti umbla inima
    Smiley feat Alex & Don Baxter & Marius Moga - Am bani de dat
    Smiley - Designed to love you
    Smiley feat Don Baxter - Cea mai tare piesa
    Smiley - Preocupat
    Smiley - Preocupat cu gura ta
    Smiley feat Moga - Ai fi un cantec
    Smiley feat Don Baxter - Cea mai tare piesa(100% corect)
    Smiley - Preocupat cu gura ta
    Gheorghe Gheorghiu feat Smiley:*:*:*: - Vine vara
    Andreea Banica feat Smiley - Hooky song
    Smiley - N-am sa uit niciodata
    Smiley - Dangerous (feat connect-r)
    Smiley feat Crbl & Buzdugan & Morar & Dan Spataru - Drumurile noastre toate
    Smiley feat Romana - Pe unde iti umbla inima?
    Smiley - Am dat bani
    Smiley - Am bai de dat
    Smiley - Designed to love you
    Smiley - Designed to love u
    Smiley - De`ai fi un cantec
    Smiley - Smiley - de-ai fi un cantec
    Smiley - Designed to love you (romana)
    Smiley feat Morandi - Voila
    Alex feat Grasu Smiley Baxter - Secret discret (remix)
    Alex feat Feat Smiley, Grasu Xxl, Don Baxter - Secret
    Smiley feat Cheloo - Plec pe Marte
    Smiley - Chellooo-plec pe marte
    Smiley - Ploua
    Smiley feat Romanian Music - Du-te
    Smiley - Going home
    Smiley - Hello
    Smiley - Get you busy
    Smiley - I`m sorry
    Smiley - Dream girl
    Smiley feat Grasu Xxl - Du`te
    Smiley - Going home 2010
    Smiley - Ploua 2010
    Smiley - I’m sorry
    Smiley - Hello 2010
    Smiley feat Grasu Xxl - Du-te [full version]
    Smiley feat Pacha Man - Love is for free
    Smiley - I'm sorry
    Smiley - Love is for free
    Smiley - Du-te.
    Smiley - Ploua.
    Smiley - I`m sorry.
    Smiley - Hello [full version] 2010
    Smiley - Toygun
    Smiley - One woman [full version] 2010
    Smiley - Toygun-
    Smiley - Hello-
    Smiley - One woman
    Smiley feat Cheloo - Smiley ft. cheloo - plec pe marte
    Adi feat Smiley - Cuvinte

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    Caută pe şi le găseşti pe toate(aproape).
    @DumnezăuReloaded, vezi că ai raport.
    Numai bine!
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    Mori inecata, curvistina fara minte!