Salutare TPU! Stiti acea melodie de pe Youtube numita cotton eye joe? Cu acei americani blonzi care canta si danseaza.

Ei bine, de când e melodia aia? Inca de pe vremea vestului salbatic? Sau e inventata de vreo 20 de ani si e doar o parodie la vestul salbatic?


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Aveau chitare si alte instrumente pe vremea vestului salbatic?
Ma faci sa rad.
Canta Rednex si face parte din albumul Sex&Violins din 1995.

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Versiunea Cotton Eye Joe care a devenit celebra e cantata de Rednex si a fost inregistrata in 1994.

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Cum ai putea sa crezi ca ai fi mers prin vestul salbatic de atunci (prin absurd) si sa auzi dintr-o carciuma, cotton eye joe? laughing)))

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The origins of this song are unclear, although it pre-dates the 1861–1865 American Civil War.[1] American folklorist Dorothy Scarborough (1878–1935) noted in her 1925 book On the Trail of Negro Folk-songs, that several people remember hearing the song before the war. Scarborough's account of the song came from her sister, Mrs. George Scarborough, who learned the song from "the Negroes on a plantation in Texas, and other parts from a man in Louisiana." The man in Louisiana knew the song from his earliest childhood and heard slaves singing it on plantations.[2] Both the dance and the song had many variants.[3] The first printed one dates from 1882[4]. American publishing house Harper and Brothers published a version in 1882, heard by author Louise Clarke Pyrnelle (born 1850) on the Alabama plantation of her father when she was a child,[5] that was later republished in 1910:[6]