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Are you afraid of death?

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| RAY a răspuns:

Wir wohnen in Romania nein?
schrieb das in romana

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Cam toata lumea ar trebui sa stie putina engleza, tu ai venit cu germanalaughing great job.

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Asa incet rescunoasteti ca sunteti o colonie bravo tot inainte, vorbeste limba ta ca e limba ta, eu nu as vorbi in engleza in Germania cu nimeni, esti in tara ta scrie in romana, unde esti acolo traiesti

| Frank51 explică (pentru RAY):

Daca un englez te intreaba pe drum ''unde e cafeneaua?'' tu ii zici ca in romaneste ca esti in Romania, asta da logica. Daca mergi in Germania si te intreaba cineva in engleza ceva, tu raspunzi in germana? Pana la urma vorbesti cum vrei, ca oricum nu esti singurul, si daca cineva te intelege atunci e perfect.

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Desigur ca da sa se duca in tara lui

| Doub a răspuns:

Nu vă mai place limba română?
Şi legat de întrebare, nu mi-e frică de moarte, dar nici nu mi-o doresc. Mai am o groază de lucruri de făcut, vreau să-mi trăiesc viaţa la maxim.

| whatevernvm a răspuns (pentru Doub):

"Romana ii expirata"-Samadaul, 2016

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Mă urăşti, nu?

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| blueberry11 a răspuns:

No,but I want to live another 25-30 year.

| syd a răspuns:

"And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I
don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying?
There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime."

| Frank51 explică (pentru syd):

But why? why? what's the reason?

| Anonim a răspuns:

How could I be scared of death if I'm never frightened at a sunset?
The whole thing is about people that can never feel fully alive and let themselves consumed by the fear of losing their life.
I like losing things, why would life form an exception?! I never looked at it as a gift, I have never had the feeling that life is priceless. I am not afraid of pain either, not for all that bullshit "pain makes you stronger", the main reason is the phase when you stop caring about stupid things and when you start living for real because you can take risks without being afraid of the consequences and God, I would always choose a dare over something boring.

| Dante30 a răspuns (pentru anonim_4396):

You... I like you, or at least your way of thinking, May I have your skype or such, sometime?

| MistretulPufos a răspuns:

I like potatoes and peanut butter. Funda?

| Dante30 a răspuns:

I do not fear death, Why would I too?
I mostly fear that I would'nt have lived enough to get done all the things I want to finish, achieve the best out of everything that would bring my curiosity out.
I look up to this old but fascinating saying: "Death is certain, Its hour is uncertain", "Mors certa, Hora incerta",
Why would I look up to such a negative thing many will ask, Well think of it this way, We never chose to be born in this world, it was nothing more then a mere chance, a random act of love, a mistake and so on, but on the other hand it is up to you to choose your goals, more or less, and depending on how much TIME, that so very unique unreplaceable resource you put in into your goals, that decides if you are ready to die, or not.
Why fear something that is natural after all? Death is a necesity, rather than a choice, not a thing to frown upon, and to live life, you have to embrace death, and by that I mean, be aware that you could die at any given time, question is, Would you die with a smile on your face, for you have nothing to be scared of, or frown upon and cry in anguish like a spoiled brat who never knew what he/her had all along.

| Frank51 explică (pentru Dante30):

I think i just found my way. Thanks you for your nice words, you're definitely right! I will rather die with a smile on my face than die crying.

| Anonim a răspuns (pentru Dante30):

Omg big grin, that was really nice.
I like reading this type of stuff.
I think some people are just meant to delight others people eyes, or even mind.
Oh, and well, thank you.
Sounds good for me, let's keep in touch :3