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Sall TPU:*. cine ma ajuta si pe >mine;;) cand intru pe picnik pentru a edita poze imi apare :
The problem could be that your clock is out of date. The time and date on your computer is Sat, 29 May 2010 08:18:06 GMT.Please update your computer's clock and try again!

Try this shortcut to go directly into Picnik
If you are on a Mac, please check under "Parental Controls" for "Parental Controls", turn on "Allow unrestricted access."
Please check for browser secure content problems:
•Internet Explorer for Windows, select >Tools-Internet Options:
• On the second tab, Security, click the Default Level button. Next, click on Trusted Sites in the upper scroll window, and then click the Sites button below it. Uncheck "Require Sever Verification https..." at the bottom, then enter "*.picnik.com," then click the Add button, then click the Close button.
• On the third tab, Privacy, move the slider to Medium.
• On the fifth tab, Connections, click the LAN Settings button. Click the checkbox for "Automatically detect settings" if it isn't already and uncheck the checkbox for "Use a proxy server for your LAN" if it is selected. Click OK.
• On the last tab, Advanced, click the Restore Defaults button (this is called the Restore Advanced Settings button in IE7). Click OK at the bottom of the Internet Options box.
•Firefox, make sure to disable add-ons (extensions) like Adblock, Flashblock, or NoScript.
• Also check the Tools: Options, Advanced, then the Encryption tab. Make sure both SSL and TLS boxes are both checked.
•Safari for Mac OSX, select >>Safari-Preferences-Security Tab. Under Web Content check every option except for "Block pop ups."

ce pot sa fac ca sa mearga? Va rog ajutati.ma!

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Ai data setata gresit. Trebuie sa fie 2011, iar la tine e 2010. Incearca si revino cu un raspuns.

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