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Cine imi poate spune cateva filme foarte drama? Pleasee! :d

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| unangeaveccoeurcasse a răspuns:

A walk to remember

| BabyDoll a răspuns:

Seven Pounds si Hachiko: A Dog's Story sad

| elenutza7275 a răspuns:

1.A Walk to remember(cel mai tare film care l-am vazut vreodata-romantic ma refer)
2. Titanic
3. Sweet November
4.The girl next door

| Stefania_7107 a răspuns:

Yes man
What a girl want`s
The Princess and The Marine
A Walk To Remember
The holiday
The notebook
The last song
The lake house
When in rome
August rush
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
She`s the man

| vladutz0111 a răspuns:

"If only" si "The courious case of Benjamin Button"

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