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Filme romantice cu doi tineri care nu se suporta si ajung sa se indragosteasca?

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Uite aici cateva comedii roamntice superbe!

How to lose a guy in 10 days

The proposal

| faramatania a răspuns:

A Walk To Remember (2002),The Sure Thing (1985),Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987),My Best Friend's Wedding (1997),Cruel Intentions (1999),The DUFF (2015),Friends With Benefits (2011),Love, Rosie (2014),Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!(2004),Just My Luck (2006),You May Not Kiss The Bride (2011),When In Rome (2010)

| justanotheruser99 a răspuns:

A walk to remember
Chalet girl
Monte Carlo

| anamariarot a răspuns:

The notebook. E absolut superb, pe mine m-a facut sa plang ca un copil de gradinita laughing

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| 6Anonim9 a răspuns:

Adevarul gol-golut.

| CryLulu a răspuns:

Vampire Academy, Rubinrot( 1), Pride and prejudice and zombies, Maximum Ride, Memoirs of a geisha.

| Ariana12321 a răspuns:

Me before you, chalet girl, the duff, the ugly truth, what happens in vegas, just married, it's-a boy girl thing

| 0765575758 a răspuns:

Da posibil din suparare devine si dragoste

| AndraConstantin a răspuns:

Me before you, 3MSC. Superbee, merită văzute.

| Hamster2001 a răspuns:

Serial : Shadows and Hunters