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Stie cineva niste filme bune? big grin
Genul nu conteaza.

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Lista mea de filme:
1. "Twilight"
2. "Titanic"
3. "Remember Me"
4. "Abduction"
5. "A Walk To Remember"
6. "Beastly"
7. "Monte Carlo"
8. "The Messengers"
9. "Mirrors"
10. "Vampire Suck"
11. "Water For Elephants"
12. "Blade"
13. "Big Mamma"
14. "The Hot Chick"
15. "Spot"
16. "Home Alone"
17. "The Last House on The Left"
18. "Underworld"
19. "The Last Song"
20. "Harry Potter"
21. "A Cinderella Story"
22. "In Time"
23. "Jumper"
24. "Another Cinderella Story"
25. "A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song"
26. "Prom"
27. "Mean Girls"
28. "Red Riding Hood"
29. "Resident Evil"
30. "Step Up"
31. "Deep Blue Sea"
32. "Bring It On: All or Nothing"
33. "Wild Child"
34. "Sorority Wars"
35. "I Am Number Four"
36. "Bring It On: In It To Win It"
37. "The Notebook"
38. "From Prada To Nada"
39. "The Three Musketeers"
40. "Aquamarine"
41. "Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo"
42. "Raise Your Voice"
43. "The Covenant"
44. "Step Up: The Streets"
45. "Sydney White"
46. "Material Girls"
47. "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"
48. "Center Stage: Turn It Up"
49. "Chasing Liberty"
50. "Honey 2"
51. "Make It Happen"
52. "Speak"
53. "Step Up 3"
54. ''Fast and Furious 6''
55. ''The Host''
56. ''Beautiful Creatures''

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M-am uitat recent la niște filme care, după părerea mea, sunt absolut fantastice.
Îți recomand: „Saw" toate părțile, „The evil dead", „If only", „Awake", „Buried", „Remember me", „Memento", „A walk to remember", „The Grudge", „Shutter (2004)", „Tres metros sobre el cielo".

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Recomand: Duplex, The call, Now is good, The words

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Death Race:Inferno
Bullet To The Head
Gangster Squard
The Hunger Games
Beautiful Creatures
The Host
Now Is Good
The First Time
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
The Great Gatsby (2013)
Carrie (2013)
Truth Or Die (Dare)
Side Effects
Movie 43
Identity Thief

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Ma dau in vant dupa cumpoaraturi! genul :comedie!

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Niste filme super tari care le-am vazut:
1.John Carter
2.M.U. (Monster University)
3.Shallow Hal
4.The Croods
6.Hotel Transylvania
7.All About Steve
8. Buried
9. Apollo 18
10.Planet 51
11.The Pianist
12. Jumanji
14.Meet the parents
15.Meet the Fockers
16. Dumb and Dumber
17.The Mask
18.Garfield (1&2)
21.Monsters Inc.
24.Date Movie
25.Scary Movie

| Lily8 a răspuns:

YES MAN, THE ramen girl, the proposal, despicable me, twilight, filme cu anne hateway, cu sandra bullock, jim carey,

| madastar18 a răspuns:

Constantine, Casa celor 13 fantome,Abyzuzu, Eu robotul, Aventador, Resident Evil, Cube, Satul, Daredevil, Placinta americana 4, Jackas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

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2.The Vampire Diaries;
3.Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier;
4.She s the men;
5. Gossip girl;
7.Easy A;
8.10 things i hate about you;
9. What a girl hat;
10.Sidney White;
11.Mean girls 1 si 2;
12.Pretty little liars;
13.She s All That;
14.A Walck To Remember;
15.Boys and Girls;
16.Freacky and Friday;
17.A cinderella story;
18.Monte Carlo;
19.Raise your voice;
21.Wild Child;
23.Wild Cherry;
25.16 Wishes;
27.Read it and weep;
28.17 again;
29.Never Been Kissed;
30. Juno;
Sper ca te-am ajutat, Funda? :*

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