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am folosit ilikehits ca sa fac like pe youtube si am -109 puncte! imi scrie asta
This means that you used more points than you had available. This can happen if your Payout is set high and users were interacting with your content at the same time. To prevent going negative in the future simply lower your payout and make sure you always have enough points available.
inseamna ca o sa dau bani reali?

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Nu! Iti spune ca pe viitor sa scazi miza! Sa nu mai dai de exemplu 10 puncte pe like, sa dai 5! big grin

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(funda), dar, cum fac puncte multe? fara sa dau bani.
am dat subscribe la altii da nu merge

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Ba da. dai like la alti si subscribe si asa obtii puncte big grin

| Rony56 explică (pentru N0xEterniS):

Nu stiu, dar tot 109 ramane

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