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Am un proiect la engleza,si va pun aici ce am scris va rog sa corectati ce credeti ca nu e bine.

I use my computer everyday.I need it for informations for school,I like to play games on internet, or to listen to music. Without the internet I cant talk with my friends.I don't know what I would do without the computer

I like to eat wafers Joe or Poiana chocolate but I really like horns chocolate from school.They're very delicious.I try to eat fruits instead of chocolate,because fruits are healthy.The chocolate keeps my energy full.

Her name is Magic,and she's five years old.I found her when I was seven years old, I took her to vet and now is healthy. Everyday I play with her and I brush her body.Always she comes to me when I'm angry or sad.She's an incredible pet, the nicest pet I've ever had.

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Pai cred ca dupa cuvantul "WITHOUT" ar trebui sa pui :, nu.
1. Nu ", or to listen to music."
Daca pui virgula, nu mai pune "or".
Si nu "to listen", pentru ca e infinitivul. Foloseste "listen" (fara "to")
"Without the internet I cant talk with my friends."
"I can'T" (trebuie s apui apostrof.)
"I like to eat wafers Joe"
Ar fi mai bine "wafrs OF" (adica "de").

ps: sunt faine ideile happy

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Da de apostrof nu am mai pus da stiu ca si la can't si la don't, da m-am grabit, oricum multumesc. da la aia cu listen deci ii or listen to music?

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Da, fara virgula. Si fara "to".

I need it for informations for school, I like to play games on internet or listen to music.

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Imformation este fara s! happy
On the internet.


Poti sa pui acolo in loc de healthy " much healthier"

To the vet.
Ai putea pune " and she's healthy"
She always comes *