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Unde pot gasi versurile de la melodia Unlimits-Cascade in engleza?

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English Translation (Full)

You and I are holding hands like this
Now a new light is born

This city, to yellow as the sun sets
Getting rid of painful light and shadow
Magic thread that brought us together
From now on, from this place

The clear after the rain becomes clouds and swim through the present
Your heart is tied
You show hesitance as you untie it

You and I are holding hands like this

Now a new light is born

one, two nights we spent together
like the moon that illuminates our

cloud looks like a glowing firefly
but your heart like the glass in the pool
and is in the sky that disappeared

After the rain stopped, and moving into the cloud
I closed all doubt
Is the sky and the wind makes your heart depression?
Is the sky and the wind is like a plane?

Walking on a steep road
And painful is the way of your last
Who is the first change was a new light

You and I will close the day
Where would be born a new light
Spring is the beginning of love in the world until the end
Proof that you will never go
You would not let go of your hand
Let us start again from here