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Cum se numeste melodia din reclama x factor cu juriu... e un vers"i'm gonna sing lalalalala"

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Lalala band - lalala love song

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Http://www.amazon.de/All-The-Way-To-Love/dp/B005J3NEGA asta e melodia dar doar daca platesti o poti descarca...100% ...revin cu un link cand apare gratis :)

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Buna melodia se gaseste pe https://www.extrememusic.com/.nu pot sa o descarc dar cel putin e toata. dati cautare, girlfriend pop 3.si puteti asculta tot albumul.

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Nu asta e melodia, e ceva mai lent

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ALL THE WAY TO LOVE (La La La) - Ms. Triniti (Bhaguandas/Bojanic/Hooper)

A Wish upon a star ar
And I’m gonna follow where u are are
It’s my happy ending, and it’s waiting for me, oh oh oh

Anything is possible
If you just believe it then it’s possible
I’ve been dreaming for so long
I know exactly what it is
Ain’t nothing gonna stop me now
I might as well just sing it out loud
I’m gonna be Bold, I’m gonna be wise
I’m gonna try hard, gonna get what’s mine
I’m gonna sing La La La La La La La La La La
All the Way to Love

I’m gonna be strong when it doesn’t go right
And I won’t stop till the finish line
I’m gonna sing La la la la la la la la la la la
All the way to Love
It could be very far ar
But I’m enjoying walk on my path
No point worrying, won’t change a thing
So let’s dance, oh oh oh
Some people get to live their dreams
And I don’t see why not, why not, that can’t be me
I’ve got a feeling that this life is gonna be, Lovely
Ain’t nothing gonna stop me now
I might as well just sing it out loud

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Astea-s versurile dar nu gasesc melodiastraight face

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Mno...eu ti-am dat titlul melodiei si cine o canta...de downloadat, nu cred ca se gaseste, inca!
dar poti vedea un preview aici http://a5.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Music/04/9f/46/mzi.rzxgshii.aac.ep.m4a

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