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Spuneti'mi si mie cele mai frumoasa melodii Rock si Rapp p care le stiti... P. >S- cele care'mi plac si mie primesc funda

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O sa iti spui cele mai frumoase piese pe care le-am tinut mult timp pe reppeat... < 3
1. The fray you found me
2. Faber drive - tongue tied
3. Faber drive- when i`m with you
4.Augustana - Boston
5. Bullet for my valentine - all these things i hate
6.The fray - never say never
7. Sam tsui - jaar of hearts
8. Cinema bizzare - forever or never
9. Avril lavigne - keep holding on
10. Never shout never - lovesick
11. Never shout never- Big city dreams
12. All time low - Vegas
13. Faber drive - end
14. Augustana - sweet and low acoustic
15. Tokyo police club - breakneck speed
16. The fiction- Body urge
17. Sleepy rebels - she became the sun
17. Sleepy rebels - looking glass
18.Joe jonas - just in love
19. Miley cyrus - the climb
20. Cienema bizzare- Lovesong they kill me
21. Evanescence - going under
22. Evanescence - my immortal
23. Evannescence - whisper
24.the dream must stay alive - the tribe
25.This is my city - cassie
26. The fray - look after you
27.Three day grace- is not too late
28: Three day grace - i hate everything about you
28:Nickelback - photograph
29 : The auburn - don t give up
30: Silverstein - my heroine
31: Secong hand serenade - your call

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Pai Tokio Hotel-Toate;
Three days grace-Home;
Three days grace-Pain;
Three days grace-Never too late;
Evanescence-Bring me to life;
Silverstein-My heroine;
Jesse McCartney-Beautiful soul[incearca varianta cu Bill Kaulitzlove struck]
Second Hand serenade-A twist in my story;
Nickelback-How you remind me;
Cascada-Listen to your heart[varianta cu Bill Kaulitz];
Black Veil Brides-Carolyn;
Black Veil Brides-Knives and pens;
Family force 5-Love Addict;
Black Veil Brides-The mortician's daughter;
Black Veil Brides-Youth and Whiskey;
Mie imi plac.Am vazut ca esti fan Tokio Hotel.Si eu ascult. Sper ca te-am ajutatwinking.

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Rap: DOC - Calaul; Petrow feat. Rama - Femeia Perfecta; Nane - Daca cineva tentreaba. Nu ascult rock, astea imi plac mult happy

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App. si melodia: Nane si Gareenjoo - 3DM cu Nicalai

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