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In MPC-HC cum pot schimba baza de date a subtitrarilor? Momentan e opensubtitles, si cand incerc sa schimb cu alt site zice ca nu este valid link-ul

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Iata ce se spunea in 2013 pe un forum:
"Besides opensubtitles, is it possible to add other subtitle databases to search and download subtitles from inside media player classic? What is this "isdb" format it uses to parse subtitles?"

"At the moment there is no other place that does support OSDb. We've tried to poke few other places to adapt this API but there was no luck."


Din cate inteleg, trebuie o sursa care sa suporte asa-numitul "OSDb".
Poate intre timp lucrurile s-au schimbat. Orienteaza-te dupa informatiile de mai sus.

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OSDb e opensubtitles.

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BsPlayer parca foloseste mai multe surse pentru subtitrari.
Poate ai mai mult noroc cu el, daca nu vrei neaparat sa folosesti MPC-HC.

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"OSDb is a protocol first introduced on the ​OpenSubtitles web site"

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Prefer MPC-HC
Pai eu nu vad nici un site care mai foloseste OSDb

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Prin urmare, pare a fi unica sursa online pentru subtitrari in cazul MPC-HC. happy