Salut TPU! Am o mica problema. De prin 20 August nu imi mai merge Minecraft-ul... Vreau sa ma joc si nu pot inta, nu imi mai arata unde sa schim versiunile, dau play si imi da o eroare:

Launcher 3.0.0 started on windows...

Current time is Sep 29, 2017 4:27:54 PM

System.getProperty('os.name') == 'Windows 8.1'

System.getProperty('os.version') == '6.3'

System.getProperty('os.arch') == 'x86'

System.getProperty('java.version') == '1.8.0_40'

System.getProperty('java.vendor') == 'Oracle Corporation'

System.getProperty('sun.arch.data.model') == '32'

Refreshing local version list...

Refreshing remote version list...

No internet connection!

Delta time to compare resources: 960 mersi

Download job 'Resources' skipped as there are no files to download

Job 'Resources' finished successfully

Refresh complete.

Loaded 2 profile(s); selected '(Default)'

Getting syncinfo for selected version

Queueing library & version downloads

An update to your launcher is available and is required to play 1.12.2. Please restart your launcher.

L-am reinstalat si am asteptat in speranta ca problema se v-a remedia. OFER FUNDA CELUICARE IMI DA SOLUTIA LA PROBLEMA!

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