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Cine imi zice niste filme faine nu conteaza actiune, horror, comedie. Ziceti repede!

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Actiune:d-day,minority report,charlie countryman,homefront,ticking clock,salvation boulevard,the hunger games:catching fire,bounty killer, the last samurai, zombie hunter/horror:saw "este cel mai bun crede-ma", let me in, the descent.rec,the undborn,martyrs, the exorcism of emily rose, the grudge, shutter, 28 days later/the hangover este pe parti,airplane!, the naked gun:from the files of police este pe parti, dracula:dead in loving it, wrongfully accused, 2001:a space travesty,spy hard,camouflage,ace ventura:pet detective e pe parti,dumb & dumber pe parti,the cable guy,the truman show,liar liar,my,myself and irene,brus almighty,yes man,the mask,mr. popper's penguins,scary movie pe parti,shriek if you know what i did last friday the thirteenth,a haunted house,don't beva menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood,little men,white chicks,senseless,beverly hills ninja,big momma's house pe parti,norbit,the nutty professor pe parti,the haunted mansion,a thousand words,meet dave,home alone pe parti,dennis:the menace pe parti,dr, dolittle, ted, movie 43, the 40 year old virgin,the animal,the hot chick,deuce bigalow:male gigolo pe parti,the three stages,the dictator,due date,black sheep,uncle buck,planes, traines and automobiles, see no evil, hear no evil, american pie pe parti. Sper ca-ti ajunge! Sa fii sanatos!