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Dati-mi va rog un link unde gasesc povestea Fata babei si fata mosului in limba engleza adica sa fie scrisa in limba engleza, ca am gasit-o numai in romana.

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Http://translate.google.ro/? hl=ro&tab=wT# sau o poti traduce chiar tu cu dictionarul

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There was once an old man and an old woman, and the old man had a girl and old woman and a girl. Old woman's face was ugly, lazy, arrogant and bad-hearted, but because his mother was a girl, how to caress caress crow wide, leaving all the burden of the old man's daughter. But the old man's daughter was beautiful, hardworking, obedient and good at heart. Adorned with all the gifts God is good and beautiful. But this was a good girl and sister horopsită the bark, and the step-mother, the luck of God that was a girl robace and patient, because otherwise it would have been bitter and than, oh her skin.
Old man face uphill, downhill old man's daughter, her after Gatej the forest, she tăbuieţul die back at it, finally, all parties after work. How big was the day long, no longer gripped his legs from side came and went in another. Then they treasure the old woman and her daughter were still grumbling and ungrateful. For the old woman, old man's daughter was at home grinder, and her face - basil to put the icons.
When both girls went to the village at night garment, do not confuse the old man's daughter, but spun by a sieve full of spindles, and the old woman's daughter and her mumble with great that many a time, and than, when both girls came home late night hot girl jumped over pârlaz old woman and girl old man said to give sieve with spindles, as it will bounce you up again. Then the old woman's face, shrewd as he was taking sieve and flight home to the old man and old woman, saying she spun those spindles. In vain old man's daughter said that he is working behind his hands, for once an old woman and grabbed his face with his daughter and had necessarily to remain theirs. When coming Sunday and holidays, the old woman's face and smoothed his head was împopoţată Park and a linseseră calves. There was no game, there was group work in the village that can not go to the old woman and old man's daughter was off sharply from all these. AND then, when she came to where the old man was gone, the old woman's mouth as walk walk peel, that she's not listening, that he uşernică, he's lazy, it's bad egg ... that his troop, he's blonde, and banish her from the house, send the job where it is known that the image is not still to thee, for it may înnărăvească and her daughter.
Old man, being a dupe, or how you would like to say, looking into her horns, and what she said was holy. From the heart, poor old man can say that it would be something, but now had time to play chicken at his house, and a rooster crossing had no S-then, let it be made to emulate the dedeochiul sin , for the old woman and her daughter is filled with thanks.
In one day, old man, is very telling him how lousy old woman he called his daughter and said:
- Dear Dad, IACA what I say fuck all of you: he will not listen, you're bad înnărăvită mouth and face and that is to stay away from my house, that's why you go and where you are to direct God, that argument no longer do so at this house, for your sake. But I advise you, as a father what you are, that you orişiunde and lead, to be submissive, gentle and hardworking, for my house since you took it as you took her, and pity was that the parental way! ... but with strangers, God knows what kind of seed than people give them, and could not bear one or you've endured and November.
Then the poor girl, seeing that old woman and her daughter any way wish to banish it, his father and kissed his hand with tears in her eyes, starts worldwide, departing from the parental home without any hope of return!
And she went on a road as he went, until, by chance, they go before a puppy, sick and weak oh it's the number of ribs, and how he saw the girl, he said:
- Beautiful and hard working girl, have mercy on me and I grijeşte that you and I'll take good vrodată!
Then the girl felt sorry and taking a dog, a wash and a very worried. Then he sat there and looked up the road, thanks to being the soul that he could perform a good deed.
It just went over it, and only he sees a beautiful hair IACA and flourished, but full of caterpillars on all sides. Hair, how does the girl says:
- Beautiful and hardworking girl, grijeşte me and cleanse me from caterpillars that you and I'll take good vrodată!
The girl was as industrious, clean hair and caterpillars brushwood with great care and then just keeps going and look forward to master. And running it on, only to see a well mâlită IACA and deserted. Fountain then says:
- Beautiful and hardworking girl, take care of me, that you and I'll take good vrodată!
Girl hurts a grijeşte well and good, then leave and seek its way. And, going further, giving only the IACA an oven without resin cement, and all but fall away. Oven, how does the girl, saying:
- Beautiful and industrious girl, and I am paste grijeşte me, maybe you'll catch vrodată too well!
The girl, who knew the job was not anyone's tail falls, roll up their sleeves, we tread and paste clay oven, and it is humui worry for your sake it was more than watch it! Then gently wash their hands of clay and started again on the road.
And she now running day and night, he did not know what that is lost, however, not lost hope in God, but walked straight ahead until, one day, early morning, passing through a dark forest, gives a beautiful meadow, glade and see a shaded box withe some weeping, and when they approach the house, only an old woman IACA welcomes the girl and says gently:
- "What are you doing in these places, child, and who you are? - Who should be, aunt? Take a poor girl, motherless and fatherless, I can say, only one top-to-one knows when I pulled my mother made me put his hands on his chest! Master looking and knowing the NIME and walking from place to place, I lost. But God advising me of I got to your house and you sir please give me dwelling.
- Poor girl! said the old woman. The only true God turned to me and I was out of danger. I am Holy Saturday. Serve with me today and be confident that tomorrow you will not leave empty handed from my house.
- Well, Mother, but I do not know what you should do. - Get to my l-ai babies who sleep now, and sustained them, then I do dishes, and when I'll back myself to church, they find no cold nor hot, but how shall adopt ate better.
And, as I said, hitting the old church over again before they roll up sleeves and start working. First he makes ntâi lute, then goes out and starts to cry
- Children, children, kids! Come to mother your band! And when looking girl, what to see? Fojgăia yard and the forest was filled by a lot of dragons and all sorts of small and large jivine! However, strong in faith and hope in God, not to scare, but they take them to one, and after them both and can not be better. Then they grabbed the dishes done, and when he came to Holy Sunday church and saw all the children lutes be well made and beautiful, filled with joy, and after he sat down and said the girl to come up bridge and from there choose a crate that he wants it, and he takes as wages, but do not open up at home, to his father. The girl climbs the bridge and sees there's a lot of boxes: some old and ugly, others new and more beautiful. She, however, being greedy, it chooses the oldest and ugliest of all. And when she throws down a little wiggles his eyebrows Saint Sunday, but he has no choice. But bless the girl, who takes the box back and întoarnă parental home with joy, all on the road where he had come.
When, on the road, she worries IACA oven was full of pies and brown high ... And the pies to eat, and eat good hat, then take a few on the road longer and starts.
When, later, only IACA she was busy caring for the well far into the mouth with clear water as it tears, sweet and cold as ice it. And the hoop fountain were two silver cups, with whom he was drinking water until cooled. He took the glasses himself and went ahead.
And going further, she worries IACA hair was heavy pear, yellow as wax, for they were ripe, and sweet as honey. Hair, seeing the girl, she went down-branches, and she ate the pears and took the road I had one.
From there going on, IACA and meets a dog, which was vigorous and beautiful now, over again to wear a necklace of yellow throat which gave her face as thanks for having searched the disease. And hence, face, everything going forward, came home to his father. Old man when he saw her and his eyes were filled with tears of joy and heart. The girl then remove the glasses and silver necklace and gives its hinge-, then opening the box together, countless herds of horses, herds of cattle and flocks of sheep out of her way to rejuvenate old man on the spot, seeing so many treasures! Iara old woman scalded remained and did not know what to make of spite. The girl then took the old woman's heart the teeth and said:
- Let 'mother, it's not plundered world wealth, I go and I bring you more.
And as I said, beginning to hurt, struck by lightning and bursting. How goes it goes, all along this road, where the old man's daughter was, she meets and the weak and sick dog, gives her hair at the packed caterpillars, the fountain that mâlită and dry and lonely, the furnace without resin cement and about to be wasted, but when one prays and dog, and hair, and well, and the oven dânsele care of, she responded with defiance and derision:
- But how not? I'll not tătucuţei their hands dirty and I mămucuţei! Many young men have had me?
Then, all available, easier knowing that someone could get milk from a cow barren than to a girl nicknamed îndatorească and lazy, left to pursue a path in peace and have never demanded from him or aid. And running it all before, and she then came to Holy Saturday, but here all hursuz behaved with insolence and silly. Instead of making good and appropriate food and Sundays Holy Laie children washing the old man's daughter as well, she boiled them all the crazy screaming and fleeing a burning and pain. Then he made smoked food, burned and exhausted, the chip was not able to get anyone in your mouth ... and when he came to Holy Sunday church, and put his hands in the head by what he found at home. But Holy Thursday, gentle and tolerant, refused to co sturlubatică co puie mind lazy girl like this, but told him to climb the bridge, to choose from there a case that he liked, and payments go to God. The girl then went and had chosen the box new and beautiful, for he liked to take as much and what better and more beautiful, but just do not like good job. Then, as the bridge gets out of the box, does not go to the good day Sunday at the Divine blessing, but starts as a deserted house and keeps going forward, and went to his heels crackle, lest it discourage Saint Sunday to start after her, to reach her and her chest IEIE.
And when it reaches the oven, pies were beautiful in him! But it is near to take out to catch themselves and lust, fire burn and can not get. The fountain, aşijderea: păhăruţele silver, not words, were, and well-filled with water in your mouth, but when the girl wanted to puie hand on the glass and take water glasses instantly sank, water the well has dried up in an instant, and she was thirsty land! ... When the right hair, not saying that if he was beaten with a shovel that was more pear, but believe that the party had to taste a bonding? No, because her hair was done a thousand times as high as it was, it had branches in the clouds! And then ... picks up, the old woman's face, the teeth! Going forward, he met a dog yet, the yellow necklace and now have the neck, but when the girl wanted him to take a bite of a dog broke her fingers and did not let her puie hands on her. They now face biting fingers and tătucuţei mămucuţei weird and of shame, but I had no choice. Finally, the sea that she arrived home, his mother, but here it has not cracked wealth. For opening the box, lots of dragons came from on the spot but the old woman ate, the girl with everything, as if he were in this world, and then made themselves invisible to the box with all the dragons .
And the old man quietly left the old woman and had many riches: he married his daughter as a good man and hard working. Cucoşii singing now endowed with the threshold and all parties and hens do not sing at home cucoşeşte old man, let's do the evil that day, then no one did not. Just as that old man remained barren and shoulders much that he smoothed his head and attempted peek behind the rake, if he cooked cornmeal.
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