Salut! De unde pot face rost de asa ceva?

1x Atmega328 (With arduino Optiboot bootloader)

3x TLC5940

4x P-Channel MOSFETs

3x 4K7 Resistors

3x 16 pin Male and Female headers

1x 4 pin Male and female header

1x 28pin IC socket

1x 1000uf 10v capacitor

1x 0.1 uf ceramic capacitor

2x 22pf capacitors

1x 16Mhz crystal oscillator

64x RGB common ANODE LEDs (it is very important that you check your LEDs are common ANODE, or else, the cube won't work!)

a LOT of Solder!

for more advanced functions;

3x 8k2 resistors for optional, low power mode.

3x 3pin male headers for jumper selection of the power mode

3x jumpers for selecting the power usage/brightness setting

2 x 64KB EEPROMs for storing custom animations

1x DIP switch for selecting different modes (random, serial, music responsive, random2, custom animations, etc.)

2x MSGEQ7 chips for audio analyzing and music response.

Black paint

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