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Hei TPU. Pot lua in bagajul de mana lumanare de botez? Multumesc!

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Nu! Orice este inflamabil sau folosit sa dai foc, este interzis.

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Doar să încapă...winking

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asta e la americani, dar cred sincer ca sunt aceleasi reguli peste tot
"Candles: Allowed With Specific Restrictions
Where you can store the candles you plan to bring with you on your travels will depend on what type they are. While wax candles can be stored in both a checked bag or a carry on, gel candles must be put in a checked bag because of the TSA's rules regarding gels and aerosols. "

deci, da, daca e din ceara (si lumanarea de botez este)
nu, daca e din gel (ma indoiesc, ca e cazul aici)