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Salut, daca bag cu vpn paysafe intr-un cont nou de googleplay, voi putea plati cu paysafeul bagat in google ala pe alt cont de google? Am vazut pe Youtube si nu stiu exact dacă pot cumpara pe contul nou sau pe oricare. As vrea sa cumpar ceva pe clash of clans

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Din pacate, Google Play nu primeste plata cu paysafe!

Uite aici lista completa a metodelor si cardurilor cu care poti platii pe Google Play:
"You can add the following credit/debit cards to your account:
American Express
Discover (US only)
JCB (Japan and US only)
Visa Electron (Outside the US only)
Elo credit cards (Brazil only)
The types of cards accepted through Google Play may vary by location.
Brazil info: debit cards of any sort (MasterCard, Visa, Elo, etc.) cannot be used for Google Play purchases.
Note: You may notice temporary authorizations on your account when using a credit or debit card."