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We've made this dream,turn into a reality;
And love isn’t love until you give it away;
Your love is in danger. Your heart is already half broken. wtf are you waiting for?!;
I want to be your favourite "hello" and your hardest "goodbye";
Don't complain. Just be happy you are who you are;
Love- give me love,give me love,give me love, I don't need it but/
But you're too blinded by rage to see the light from the finish line;
I'll take what I want from your heart and keep it;
I want to run but only far enough to make you all miss me;
A smile confuses an approaching frown;
Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me/Infect me with your love and/Fill me with your poison;
I might drive myself crazy if those lips aren't speakin` my name cuz you're bringing me in and then you're kicking me out again;
Ideas are bullet proof. I am the essence of an idea;
Love's language is in the eyes;
Never take life too seriously/ Nobody gets out alive anyway;
Yes, I may be a *** but not yours;
And so my beloved one goes...and here am I... waiting for the time when he will come back to me with a hug and a true "I love you".
True love is when you shed a tear and still want him...;
You're my favorite boy to hate, my favorite mistake to make;
When our hearts meet I know you see;
When the sunrise is up, a new day begins...;
That awesome moment when you just can't stop smiling!;
I just want to be free in my world;
Feel the vibe, feel the music!

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Poti sa cauti poze pe weheartit la "quotes" si o sa fie multewinking

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