Salut! Vreau să vad niște filme horror, dar nu prea știu ce filme să văd. Mi-ar plăcea să fie cât mai horror, despre spirite sau alte chestii, dar nu prea gasesc. Dau funda pentru cea mai buna lista.

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The Possesion of Hannah Grace (2018), Malevolent (2018), The Isle (2019). Winchester (2018), Demon House (2018), Sanatorium (2013), The Presence (2010), The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016), The Unquiet (2008), No Tell Motel (2012), The Cradle of Shadows (2015), 8213: Gacy House (2010), Jessabelle (2014), The Ward (2010), The Woman in Black(2012), The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014), A Haunted House 2 (2014), Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007), Unrest (2006), Forest (2016), Bhoot Returns (2012), The Awakening (2011), Haunt (2013), The Hole (2009), Wake Wood (2011), The Other Side Of The Door (2016),The Ruins (2008), Our House (2018), The Remains (2016), Haunting of Winchester House (2009), Don't Knock Twice (2016).

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Prin spirite înțelegi fantome ori demoni ori pur și simplu chestii supranaturale?
The Exorcist
The Conjuring
Insidious 1, 2
Annabelle 1, 2
The Nun
The Others
The Awakening
Lake Mungo
The Frighteners

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Drag Me To Hell (2009),The Unborn (2009),The Possession Of Hannah Grace (2018),Nothing Left To Fear (2013),Lords Of Chaos (2018),Phoenix Forgotten (2017),Pyewacket (2018),It Follows (2014),No Tell Motel (2012),The Axiom (2018),Oculus (2013),Honeymoon (2014),The Recall (2017),The Darkest Hour (2011),I Will Follow You Into The Dark (2012),Grace (2014),Rose Red (2002),Ghost Of Goodnight Lane (2014),Apartment 1303 (2012),We Are What We Are (2013),Grave Halloween (2013),Hold Your Breath (2012),Tormented (2008),Jennifer's Body (2009),The Appearing (2014),The Ritual (2017),Tell Me How I Die (2016),The Bye Bye Man (2017),Haunted (Dark House 2014), The Barrens (2012),Demon Legacy (See How They Run 2014), The Cabin In The Woods (2012),Jug Face (2013),Don't Blink (2014),The Final Girls (2015),Mine Games (2012),The Mine (2012)

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The Conjuring, ambele
Seria Insidious
The Nun (2018)
Seria The Ring
The Others (2001)
Sinister, ambele
Silent Hill, ambele.