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Cum deblochez fatalitatile la mortal kombat 4

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Fatalities are hard to do. Here's how to make it VERY VERY easy.

1] Go to Practice. Highlight 'Difficulty' (DO NOT press enter or
any thing, just highlight so that the box-cursor is on it.)

2] Press and hold Block + LK for 10 seconds (Using the 1st
player's control). A cheat menu will appear.

3] IMPORTANT: Turn ON Fatality I OR Fatality II OR Level
Fatality, keeping the rest off.
Fatality I is if you want to do the 1st Fatality of any player.
Fatality II is if you want to do the 2nd fatality of any player.
HOWEVER Level Fatality is only possible in the Backround/Theater
of the player with which you are playing. If you turn all three
fatalities on then 'Fatality I' will work. If you turn 'Endings'
on then the game will complete after defeating only one person.

4] Exit the cheat menu and play as you normally would.
5] When 'Finish Him' comes just press Down + HP.
69 Cool, Huh?