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Buna! Am nevoie de un ajutor cine se pricepe la facut rime. Dublez un anime si doresc sa fac si melodia de la inceput, insa traducand cuvant cu cuvant nu iese bine ca si rime:

i was once alone
No place to call home
And I had lost my way

With this heart I hold
I was on my own,
Wandering endlessly

But I found a way to continue on,
Now there’s no place too far

Ever since that day
That day I met you
On this road, like a charm

You sing along to the traveler’s song
How I wish I knew the words
Even so, somehow it feels nostalgic to me
Whenever I’m by your side

There’s-a world we see in our dreams
Is it out there? Is it waiting?
Is there time for one more journey?
Let’s go find it, beyond the wind

When the daybreaks - When the sun burns

When the night comes, freezing our world

Let’s go find what - What is waiting
At the end of everything

Melodia, daca o pot spune, este opening 1 din spice and wolf eng dub. (pe Youtube asa)

Dau funda clar si vot!
Imi tot bat capu si nu gasesc nimic sad

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