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| Janina a răspuns:

Arata celui care te supara ca tu esti om, iar el este asa cum este happy

| Chris a răspuns:

"Somnul ratiunii naste monstri."

| adytzusiatat a răspuns:

Shakespeare - To be, or not to be?: that is the questionbig grin

| ApofissPapaya a răspuns:

I have the cupcake, I'm the bosshappy.

| PotHed a răspuns:

Experience is the name we give to our mistakes

| DexterKill a răspuns:

"Nimeni nu moare, daca cineva minte"
"Nu exista Dumnezeu doar oameni cu functii inalte" Eu

"Dam foc la joint sau luam foc noi - RAZBOI!
Judeca-ma sau ne lamurim amandoi la judecata de apoi" Cedry2k

| pisikutza a răspuns:

Sometimes love just sucks.
But in order to hold on to true love,
Sometimes you just have to ask the right questions. by Adam Lambert
Love overcomes hate, love has no color, love has no orientation.
Love is love! by adam lambert

| Miranda29 a răspuns:

"Arata-te slab cand esti puternic si puternic cand esti slab"Sun Tzu-Arta Razboiului

| Cipi_3119 a răspuns:


| Mada2196 a răspuns:

''Iubeste cu adevarat cel ce tremura cand isi marturiseste iubirea.''Sir Philip Sidney

| cucaracia a răspuns:

Is curious, scandalous, don't be so furious
Life is a bad joke, don't take it serious
When I feel myself double-crossed, not lost
Nothing can make me swallow my words.

| scary7 a răspuns:

Say Colt 45 and 2 zig-zags baby thats all we need
We can go to the parca after dark
Smoke that tumbleweed
As the marijuana burns we can take our turn singing them dirty rap songs Stop and hit the bong like Cheech and Chong
And sell tapes from here to Hong Kong. so roll roll roll my joint pick out the seeds and stems ridin high as hell flyin through palmdale skating on dantty rims. so roll roll the eighty three cadillac coupe devill if the tapes or my cds just dont sell i bet my cadi will.

| Dxi a răspuns:

If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you, its yours, if it doesn't, it never was.

| armaciudi a răspuns:

Si cantitatea e o calitate

| GicaSpatanu a răspuns:

Indiferent dacă gândeşti că poţi să faci un lucru sau gândeşti că nu poţi să îl faci, ai dreptate.Henry Ford

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