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Stiti de unde a pornit cearta dintre Victoria Justice si Ariana Grande?

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Ah, the things you see on Twitter. Victorious fans got an eyeful earlier this week when the show’s stars, Victoria Justice  and Ariana Grande appeared to have a very public spat about the reasons for the hit Nickelodeon’s show early ending. The drama apparently started when a fan on Ask.Fm blamed Ariana‘s new show for Victorious’ cancellation. "Sam & Cat ruinedVictorious," they wrote. Ariana responded swiftly, and clearly blamed the show’s star Victoria. "Sweetheart the only reason Victorious ended is because 1 girl didn’t want to do it," she wrote. "She chose to do a solo tour instead of a cast tour. If we had done a cast tour Nickelodeon would have ordered another season of Victorious while Sam and Cat filmed simultaneously but she chose otherwise. I’m sick of this bs." RELATED: Are Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande STILL Fighting? And Victoria was just as quick to respond to Ariana via Twitter. "Some people would throw some1 they consider a friend under the bus just 2 make themselves look good. #StopBeingAPhony #IfTheyOnlyKnew," she shot back. But the fight didn’t end there. "You just can’t hide from the truth," Ariana tweeted. Both Victoria and Ariana have deleted their tweets and messages, but not before fans and followers had time to witness the drama that went down. Will these two former "best friends" be able to patch things up? Time – and Twitter – will tell.