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Care stie sa imi spuna cum rezolv problema la wow cataclysm deci intru in joc bag contul bun scrie... si cand sa ma bate pe cont scrie your have logged out from server dau funditaaaaaaaa va rog multttt FuNdItAAAAAAAAA

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Sa ma bage

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Ascendant Gaming features as a community in development for over a year.
Our development team features few Trinity and even old MaNGOS leaders that worked combined to release an amazing core provinding an amaxing gameplay experience.
It's a promising community which has a lot to offer.
Informations About Ascendant
[*]-- Professional staff
[*]-- Active GameMaster's.
[*]-- Daily Updates
[*]-- Bonus Features
[*]-- Custom Mid Rates
[*]-- Powerful Servers
[*]-- TeamSpeak Servers
[*]-- Weekly Events
We take great pride into managing to release new features every week, features such as: Archeology, Recruit a Friend, Character Migration, Guild Finder, Raid Finder, RDF/RBG Systems.
We hope you could spread the word and get us recognized over communities. We can only thank you in advance for doing so and await you on our Realm to enjoy the fun around!