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Am auzit azi la radio o melodie in care refernul era ceva de genul "genie mix it genie even breacasa it" (genie se auzea gini, deci se poate scrie si genie, sau geanie, sau jenny si aveau aia un accent diferit) stiu melodia, dar am uitat cine o canta, parca backstreet boys, nu stiu sigur, cine-mi spune melodia are fundawinking

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Ai nevoie de niste lectii serioase de engleza laughing
FIY melodia este TV Makes The Superstar a celor de la Modern Talking

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G...thank's bro' but I don't need lessons for this you noobster, what's my fault that they have a different accent and instead of "TV Makes It" I understood the word "Genie"? So gtf you show off laughing
PS: Bet you wouldn't think that I'm an expert in english, don't judge a book after it's cover, thanks anyway for the answer, but, no bow for you