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As vrea si trupe noi de rock sa fie mai energice happy fundita tongue

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Asculta trupele astea si in special melodiile astea:
Escape the fate: gorgeous nightmare; ashley; issues;
Before Their Eyes - So In Love!; sing to me;
I see stars- Still Not Quite Enough; Wonderland; glow;
There For Tomorrow-A Little Faster; waiting;
VersaEmerge- mind reader
Story Of The Year - Just Close Your Eyes; wake up;
All time low- Damned If I Do Ya; dear maria count me in;
Dead By April - Trapped; Sorry For Everything;

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My Chemical Romance
Avenged Sevenfold
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
Bon Jovi
Escape the Fate
Marylin Manson
Dead by April

P.S: Nu există trupă de rock care să nu aibă melodii energice,toate trupele de rock au melodii așa,dar mai au și pe acustică, sau mai lente, whatever.


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Dimmu Borgir.
Daca asta nu e energica, ce naibii mai e? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF3wagWwHjM [incepe la 0:37]

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Da m-am exprimat eu gresit sorry... happy