Cine imi zice melodi cu hannah montana-miley cyrus selena gomez zindaya si bella thorne etc vechi si noi

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Miley Cyrus:
the climb
the time of our lives
I Thought I Lost You
Just Stand Up!
7 Things
Party in the U.S.A
When I Look at You
the climb
fly on the wall
Can't Be Tamed
Who Owns My Heart
Miley Cyrus - Start All Over
See you again
I've Got Nerve
Nobodys Perfect

Selena Gomez:
A Year Without Rain
Shake It Up
I promise you
Trust in me
Falling Down
Shake It Up
I don't miss you at all
Hey baby
Bang a drum
Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Bella Thorne:
Watch me

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Miley Cyrus:
-The Climb
-7 Things
-Party in USA
-Fly on the wall
-See you again
-I miss you etc.

Selena Gomez:
-Who Says
-Hit The Lights
-A Year Without Rain
-Tell Me Something I Don't Know
-Love You Like A Love Song etc.

Zendaya Coleman:
-Dig Down Deeper
-Watch Me
-Swag It Out

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