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Vreai si eu cateva filme Thriller. majoritatea le-am vazut.
Nu vreau filme vechi. din anul 2010 in sus. nu mai gasesc si nu am la ce sa mai ma uit.
Lasati-mi cateva filme, si Horror merge. big grin
Mersi. Funda

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Thriller:Gone (2012),Limitless (2011),
Safe House (2012),Inception (2010),Source Code (2011),Shutter Island (2010),Buried (2010),Margin Call (2011),Closed Circuit (2013),Shadow Dancer (2012),The Cold Light Of Day (2012),Prisoners (2013),John Wick (2014),Side Effects (2013),Paranoia (2013),
Taken 3 (2015),
Wild Card (2015),Runner Runner (2013),Gone Girl (2014),The Captive (2014),Everly (2015)
Horror:Insidious 1, 2 și 3 (2010/2013/29 Mai 2015), The Cabin In The Woods (2012),Wrong Turn (seria), Inbred (2011),Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013),The Wicked (2013),The Quiet Ones (2014),Oculus (2013),Haunted (Dark House 2014), Stitch (2014),The Woman In Black (2012),Sinister (2012),Haunt (2013),13 Sins (2014),Mischief Night (2014),Scary Or Die (2012),Catacombs (2007),Beneath The Darkness (2011),Beneath (V) (2013),7500 (2014),You're Next (2011),Deliver Us From Evil (2014),Leprechaun: Origins (2014),Open Grave (2013),Modus Anomali (2012),Antiviral (2012),The Appearing (2014),Annabelle (2014),The Canal (2014),Animal (2014),Devil's Due (2014),Rosemary's Baby (2014/miniserie),The Babadook (2014),Aux yeux des vivants (2014),See No Evil 2 (2014) //The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death (20 02 2015), Sinister 2 (Aug. 2015), The Unborn 2 (2015?)

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