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Spuneti-mi si mie niste melodii rock... clasic in general nu metall happy care pot fi ascultate oricand. mersi mult

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Lordi - hard rock hallelujah
Lordi- mr killjoy
Lordi- biomechanic man
30 seconds to mars - the kill
30 seconds to mars- from yesterday
30 seconds to mars- hurricane
30 seconds to mars- a beautiful lie
30 seconds to mars- savior
30 seconds to mars- a modern myth
30 seconds to mars - kings and queens
30 seconds to mars - alibi
30 seconds to mars - i`ll atack
linkin park - waiting for the end
linkin park- the catalyst
linkin park- in the end
linkin park- from the inside
linkin park - leave out all the rest
linkin park - crawling
linkin park - my december
linkin park - not alone
marilyn manson - antichrist superstar
marilyn manson- taited love
marylin manson- sweet dreams
marylin manson - this is the new shit
metallica - nothing else matters
metallica- unforgiven II
metallica- sad but true
metallica- turn the page
metallica- die,die my darling
metallica- enter sandman
metallica - the day that never comes
metallica - so what?
my chemical romance - i don`t love you
my chemical romnace- the ghost of you
my chemical romance- i`m not ok
my chemical romance- teenagers
my chemical romance- sing
nickelback - far away
nickelback- gotta be somebody
nickelback- never gonna be alone
nightwish - bye,bye beautiful
nightwish- i wish i had an angel
paramore - crush, crush
paramore- the only exception
paramore- decode
paramore- ignorance
three days grace - break
three days grace- never too late
three days grace- over and over
green day - boulevard for broken dreams
green day- american idiot
green day- 21 guns
green day- viva la gloria
him- buryed alive by love
him- right here in my arms
him- bleed well
him- join me in dead
dope - die motherfucker
godsmack - i stand alone
bullet for my valentine - your betrayal
bullet for my valentine -all these things i hate
bullet for my valentine- tears don`t fall
Bullet for my valentine- waking the demon
bullet for my valentine - hit the floor
avenged sevenfold - seize the day
avenged sevenfold- afterlife
black veil brides - knives and pens
3 doors down - here without you
3 doors down- away from the sun
3 doors down- duck and run
Bon Jovi - Always
Bon Jovi- It`s my life
Bon Jovi- Have a nice day
bon jovi- thank you
bon jovi- wanted dead or alive
black label society- stillborn
black label society - stoned and drunk
disturbed - down with the sickness
disturbed - indestructible
disturbed- inside the fire
within temptation - faster
guns n roses - welcome to the jungle
guns n roses-knocking on heavens door
guns n roses- don`t cry
guns n roses- november rain
AC/DC - back in black
AC/DC - thunderstruck
AC/DC- you shook me all night long
AC/DC- highway to hell
AC/DC- rock n` roll train
nirvana -the man who sold the world
nirvana- come as you are
nirvana -smells like team spirit
nirvana- lake of fire

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Hannah montanaarolling on the floor))
unchiu pearlrolling on the floor))) hy ca le stiirolling on the floor

glumeamkiss mare rocaritza ce te facii ahhwaiting?rolling on the floor

t pupa eu; o3

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