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Imi zice cineva un hack la crossfire?

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easy bonus items:
Destroy all the enemies except one. Keep that enemy alive and avoid it until
the bonus item appears, then collect it.

Save ur money(GP) until you become sergeant or staff sergeant.
Once u become the following ranks u will get bonus GP:

Private : 10, 000 GP
Sergeant : 20, 000 GP
Staff-Sergeant : 30, 000 GP

When you become staff sergeant you should have about... 115, 000 GP
total now the weapons you should buy are listed below, they are the
best guns in da game:

Best Sniper: AWM Price: 56, 000 GP
Best Machine-Gun: M60 Price: 49, 000 GP
Best Rifle: AK-47 or SCAR Price:45, 000 GP (each)
Best SMG: MP7 or MP5 Price: 32, 000-40, 000 GP
Best Shotgun: Spas 12 Price: 42, 000 GP
Best Pistol: Desert Eagle or Anaconda Price: 25, 000-38, 000 GP
Best Scopable Rifle: G36K Price: 48, 000 GP

Ghost Mode:
1. Turn your gamma to 100% (This helps you see ghosts better).
2.Use headphones (can help hear ghost breathing a lot better, therfore
enabeling you to find ghosts when their standing still)
3.Have a fast gun (Once a ghost is found you need to kill'em. QUICK!
Use SMGs like UZI, MP7, MP5, or P90).

-=Dealing with noob ghosts=-
Problem 1. Noob ghosts will usually stand still and wait for people to pass,
then they strike.

Solution: Take out your knife run in circles while stabbing (do this near
areas ghosts might like to hide-like corners). Once ghost is found keep
jumping back and switch to gun and kill him.

Note: Noob Ghosts might charge-they dont jump MUCH-EASY KILL

-=Dealing with Advanced Ghosts=-
Problem: Advanced Ghosts know how to maneuver while attacking
Solution: when an Advanced Ghost is attacking you he will jump.ALOT!
(SO ANNOYING) to counter it you will have to play along try jumping as
well-dont waste 20-40 bullets on 1 ghost- spray when they jump and burst
when they run.

Submitted by: ffffffffoooooooo

best rifle: M4A1[AK 47 is too shaky] best machine gun:AN94 best sniper: AWM best SMG:
MP7 best shotgun: SPAS 12 best pistol: anaconda or desert eagle best scopable rifle:
XM8 and when you want to kill tons of people do not hold the right mouse button click
it once and twice.

Ghost Mode:
Submitted by: nikos1212

If you see a ghost in ghost mode hit it with mp7 or mp5.

1. hear the ghosts when they are moving turn and hit it
2. take your knife and go anywhere if you hit a ghost go back and gun it
3. near the c4 sometimes ther are the ghosts and hided throw a grenade in the center
4. go to places such as water and steps sure you will find one there
5. good luck

Submitted by: Hesamtribal

When in knife match/ghost mode, jump lots if someone attacks you and keep using right
and left-click.

www.cheatbook.de cauta acolo si gasesti :P

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Intra pe youtube si cauta clipuri, acolo la descriere poate sa fie url cu hack

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Da ma intreba pe unu bahoi iti zice el cum sa-ti iei hack scrie bahoi pe net

| DnBSniperZs explică (pentru Cu_B_Mare_Buduu_1996):

Pretene, stiu ca majoritatea dintre copii sunt dumbass si iti descarca virusul in stealer happy try again, report +