Looking online for two of 8GB DDR3 RAM 1800Mhz, i run in to a problem,

the seller was providing two types of RAMs, one works on INTEL & AMD m.b (50$ for each),

and other one works only on AMD m.b that support AM3/AM3+ cpu's socket (30$ each).

and as far as i know RAM is RAM... makes no difference on AMD m.b or INTEL m.b

Q : my quastion is, what is the difference between the two type of RAMs, and does it effect the performance.

P.S : m.b = motherboard.

My system is

- No GPU at this moment,

- CPU Amd am3+ Fx 6300,

- motherboard GA 970A ds3

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From what I know there is no such thing as specific memory card "brand", it is just based on ddr (double data rate), frequency and chips' density.
As long as your motherboard supports ddr3 1800(+) Mhz frequency it will certainly work, and if you search for the board's manual and look for memory cards compatibility you'll see that it supports DDR3 (2000 Mhz), which is great.
It shouldn't affect the performance in a bad way, since your motherboard supports higher frequency than 1800.


Motherboard Manual (direct download link):

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First type of RAMs are dedicated for dual channel use and are used on dual channel MB-s. May use 2 identical RAMs for best performance.
Second type are simply RAMs, used only for single channel with any AMD CPUs.

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