Romania is a good place to live? someone could tell me about romanian? im very interested about this country and wanna know more about Romania...

... bucharest city, cluj napoca, maramures, etc. people there are happy and cheerful? receptives?

there are a lot of things to do at the main cities in Romania? there are very dangerous ppl too?

if some day i would live in romanian, i could get happy living there?

some day i should visit Romania! im 21 years old and never traveled before.


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Romania is a beautiful place, many people from other countries visit us and many visit my city Arad, many of the visitors moved here.
Everywhere in the world exist dangerous people but here's a problem with the salaries.People don`t get too much money and most of them leave the country to work in places like France, Spain, Italy unfortunately.
Romania has alot of beautiful women, some say that romanian women are the most beautiful women in the world and we know how to have fun and party. Unfortunately our country don`t respect rules at all, they don`t throw the unwanted things on the garbage, they throw them in the woods, street, lots of innocent animals are in the street, nobody care for them at all.
What have you found attractive in coming to Romania?
Here are some nice places I visited:
Arieseni (for me Arieseni is one of the prettiest place in Romania)




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It is if you make a better than average living.
If you want to find out more go here

some are some are not

you cold get happy living anywhere, it's up to you

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It depends about you. What means for u happy. In Romania u can find a lot of beautiful places and beautiful people but like everywhere u can find people what u don't want to stay.
If u search happy like sex relations u cand find anywhere in the world.
Romania is same like others countries if u know how to look.
Go and search beautiful places and not clubs, drink or others things

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El e din brazilia si asculta claudia un milion de trandafirilaughing fii serios

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It depends on how much money you have. Usually, people tend to get away from here as soon as they can. Anyway, why would you want to live here? Have a nice day... ^_^

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Guillermo tell me where are you from and then i will tell you if it´s good or not to came and live here.

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