Salut TPU! Stie cineva daca exista vreun emulator de mac pe windows 10? Daca da atunci va rog dati mi linkul.Dau funda.

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Switching to PIIX3 chipset from the emulator seems to have stops the Mac VM from crashing every time I run node or npm. What I have done so far is far more complicated than some of the articles I was reading. So far I had to

Set Intel Virtualisation and VT-d in bios to enabled
Disable Hyper-V from add or remove programs (There should be a better way of doing this bit because it stops me from using the windows phone emulator without it being re-enabled.
Found a bunch of non-working Virtualbox versions and am currently running version 5.1.30
Had to keep the Virtualbox installer and repair installation to get 64-bit option to appear
Then follow the rest of the steps from the article.

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Poti face un hackintosh folosind o masina virtuala. Pentru asta ai nevoie de un procesor virtualizare, memorie, mult hard disk si un pic de rabdare


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