Salut, am si eu un 3ds si cand vreau sa joc un joc de dsi spune ca e eroare si nu stiu mai ce apoi se intoarce la meniu.

Daca joc un joc de ds normal nu se intampla asta dar culoare e ciudata.

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- Can I Play Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Games on Nintendo 3DS Family Systems?

With the exception of a few games which require the use of the AGB slot, all Nintendo DS games are compatible with Nintendo 3DS family systems. However, some specific features or accessories that use the AGB slot are not compatible.

Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games will display in a lower resolution than Nintendo 3DS games. There is no way to change this; however, if you wish to play them in their original resolution, hold down START or SELECT when loading the game.

Nintendo DS and DSi games will not display in 3D.

The HOME Menu cannot be accessed while playing Nintendo DS or DSi games.

Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi games are not compatible with StreetPass or SpotPass.

Nintendo 3DS family systems cannot access any features or use any accessories that access Slot 2 on the Nintendo DS (Game Boy Advance game slot.)

For information on a specific game title, refer to the software manual that came packaged with the game.

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