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Am instalat acum cateva zile, si am dat cancel dar nu stiu de ce tot imi apara ceva 4 programe pe deskopt cu help_decrypt, m-am uitat pe net si ar fi un virus cryptowal 3.0 am scanat cu malware bytes am sters toti virusi dar peste cateva ore sau peste o zi iarasi apare, care ar putea fi sursa? + am cautat in toate foldere help_decrypt si le-am sters pe toate, vreau raspunsuri rapide. dau funda

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The only applicable file restoration method within the framework of said algorithm implies the availability of the private key, which is unfortunately kept on a criminals-run server and can only be provided after a ransom of 500 USD is paid. That’s approximately the equivalent of 2.17 Bitcoins, which is the payment method the fraudsters endorse in this case. That’s the story in a nutshell, so let’s get more down-to-earth and scrutinize the specifications of this nasty threat.

CryptoWall 3.0, preceded by version 2.0, went live around mid-January 2015, and it’s a refined ransomware variant in a number of ways. First off, its authors gave up the previously leveraged technique of incorporating exploits into the dropper – instead, the proliferation now relies on exploit kits. This means bigger spreading opportunities and more privileges that can potentially be gained on the targeted machine. Additionally, version 3.0 has gotten an expanded list of Tor gateways used for communicating with the command and control server. The latter Tor-related feature is the bad guys’ fairly smart move towards anonymity. For the victim, it means that they need to install Tor Browser before they can start following the instructions.

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Uite, eu am probleme cu Criptowal 3.0 mie imi da batai de cap depe data de 7 spre 8, dar imi apare uneori fisierele, dar le sterg imediat, dar uneori nu apar deloc, Dar nu stiu cum sa fac sa nu apara deloc... Dar oricum mersi de informatie happy

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Daca esti baiat istet, gasesti solutia pe Google! Textul ala l-am luat de undeva...cauta-l!

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Http: // uitati si in poza, dar faza este ca cand intru unde se afla acel virus nu imi arata folderul startup...