Salut TPU.

Am o placă nVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 si vreau sa-mi spuneti si mie ce setări sa pun la control nVIDIA panel.

Eu le am asa:

Ambient Occlusion = Off

Anisotropic filtering = Application-controlled

Antialiasing Gamma correction = On

Antialiasing FXAA = Off

Antialiasing Mode = Application-controlled

Antialiasing Setting = Application-controlled (Aici nu ma lasa sa modific)

Antialiasing Transparency = Off


DSR Factors = Off

DSR Smoothness = Off (Aici nu ma lasa sa modific)

Maximum pre-rendered frames = Use the 3D application setting

OpenGL rendering GPU = Auto-select

Power management mode = Optimal power

Shader Cache = On

Texture filtering Anisotropic sample optimization = Off

Texture filtering Negative LOD bias = Allow

Texture filtering Quality = Quality

Texture filtering Trilinear optimization = On

Threaded optimization = Auto

Triple buffering = Off

Vertical sync = Use to 3D application setting

Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames = 1

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